Company Implementation of Design Automation

Design Automation has all the characteristics of software development. Therefor we strongly advise a company that wants to benefit from design automation to learn the procedures from software development. We help you with setting up a structured approach to design automation.

Process overview,

starts with a clear flow of how to initiate a design automation cycle. A sipoc diagram is created for a high-level overview to enable communication.

Roles and Responsibilities,

are defined to provide clarity of what people have to do and what is expected of them and when.


protocols are setup for requirements, testing, progress and acceptance

Functional and non Functional requirements,

standardization of writing of functional and non functional requirements

Coding Standards,

are put in place to enable multi people development cycles

Development & Version Tracking,

are a part of making backups and back tracking development. Version tracking is about knowing which code or script has been used where.


is about writing what you need to accomplish, how you do it and why you do it. It is one of the most vital parts of developing code. It is committing you train of thoughts to the code to explain why you are doing it this way. This will save a tremendous amount of time when someone else has to use the code.

Validation & Feedback,

are an important part of the design automation process a cycle. A development needs to be signed of against the requirements. Does it meet the requirements? This part will help in avoiding scope creep and will guide newly added requirements to become a new development cycle. Without sign-of there is no release for production.


every script tends to be targeted to solve a specific issue. Therefor it is important to document what kind of information the script expects as input to be able to run. Before running a script a user needs to know about the limitations and issues.

Share Outcomes,

to measure the benefits and communicate this within the company.

Monitoring & Maintenance,

new software versions, updates or patches may influence the performance of the scripts. Therefor the checking of this may take considerable time. Monitoring which scripts are being used will save time and help prioritize time and effort to the most important scripts first. It will also give more understanding in what people use or need.


is about what to maintain and keep up and what and when to retire.