Dynamo – Metadata

Metadata is “data [information] that provides information about other data”. This example is based upon a real project. For confidentiality reasons it is recreated based upon the Autodesk sample files.

Sample Building

Imagine this building, for Facility Management it is necessary that every MEP element gets assigned certain information.  This information consist of several parts.

  • Location
    • Building number
    • Level
    • Grid field
    • incremental number

Below are an image of the floor plan and one of the grid space plan.

Grid spaces
MEP elements

So every element needs to be located in which grid space it resides and which level.

Two Elements in grid space 085

If there are multiple, similar elements, in the same grid space, on the same level, than they need to be indexed.

Adding this information manually per element was estimated to take 20 seconds per element. A building could easily have over 50000 MEP elements. This would mean it would tie up a modeller for more than 27 hours to do one building. The whole plan has more than 12 buildings. Training the customer’s staff, Developing the script and testing it took one man week. Resulting in a lot of saved time and employees enjoying their work.